A Journey of visions

While our production is based in Europe, we source our materials across the world, carefully selecting the best quality and the most eco-friendly suppliers.
Our experience results in rugs of exceptional quality, with thoughtful patterns, exciting colour variations and refined natural textures – all designed to evolve and withstand the pressures of time, and made to last and be loved for generations.
Timeless designs, made in a traditional way for contemporary living.

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Made to last and be loved for generations

JOV’s rugs go beyond beautiful. We believe in products that are unique and durable. Timeless elegance and long-lasting comfort are at the heart of everything we do. Since sustainability is also a part of JOV’s philosophy, it is naturally incorporated into all processes: from carefully choosing our suppliers, manufacturers and materials, to informing customers about how to care for products to prolong their lifespan. The selection of a wide range of sustainable and innovative materials results from a continual research activity, capable of achieving high performance while preserving the quality and durability of the products.

Made for you, made with you

Besides quality, sustainability and timeless design, flexibility and service are also key values of JOV. Being part of each production step, JOV offers unrivalled flexibility all the way from concept to delivery.

With a deep respect for quality and detail we listen to all your wishes and desires. Together we open a world of possibilities to find your perfect match in material, colour, design, and shape... Nothing is impossible.

Nature as common ground

The common ground of every vision and every rug is Nature. Nature provides us with the finest raw materials, such as wool, natural silk, Belgian linen, mohair, and cotton. With its sophisticated colours, muted shades and soft textures, Nature is also the main source of inspiration for every design. Inspiration through imagination. The unique qualities of the materials combined with the imagination of natural elements give each rug its strong, pure and beautiful heart.

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