Anke is a good alternative for Salsa (100%) in case of maintenance, due to the combination of the mohair with the wool. Wool fibres are naturally coated with a thin layer of natural grease, so dirt and stains stand less chance. While New Zealand Wool is rather mat, the addition of our Mohair wool creates a subtle shine and a hint of luxury.

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Product information
Yarn: New Zealand wool & Mohair
Touch: Soft
Feeling: Warm
Shine: Medium
Maintenance: Medium
Anke in different settings

Here at JOV, we have many colours standard in our collection.
But if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we can always develop a new colour for your special project.
These are colour examples, please note that colours can differ in natural light.


Some of our qualities can be tufted in different techniques than ‘cut’.
We have LOOP and DIZZY. Dizzy is a combination of ‘loop’ & ‘cut’.

For ANKE we suggest ‘cut’

Pile Heights
12 mm
18 mm
28 mm
45 mm
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